Carlos Carulo, Artist

Artist Carlos Carulo has a different way of looking at and thinking about the world that is somehow off the beaten path. As for his work, the intricacy and beauty speaks for itself. Carlos paints moments of emotion. He breaks them down into small pieces. He pulls the pieces of space and time, felt with emotion, into shapes, colors and textures.

Carulo was born in Chile in 1950, and lives with his wife Victoria in a beautiful adobe home/studio. He moved to Santa Fe in 1974. “At first sight I fell in love, and I’ve lived here ever since.”

“My work is always changing, and my newest paintings could be considered Abstract Expressionism, but I call them Situationalism. I think of my art as my emotional response to situations in my life.” Jackson Pollock called his work Situational Art, referring to the moment-to-moment emotional impulses as they are expressed during the situational act of pouring and splashing paint on a canvas – resulting in a richly textured painting.

Carulo’s art reflects the influence of an iconoclastic thread of modern abstract painting whose influences include Picasso’s cubism, Kandinsky’s improvisations, and Francis Picabia’s futurist compositions from the Armory Show of 1913. Carlos also credits the influences of Matta, Gorky, Twombly and Baziotes.

His rendering of these concepts, while educated by the past, is strictly 21st century and at the vanguard of the zeitgeist of our age.

Please contact Carlos to discuss his work or for a studio visit.

image of Carlos Carulo